Investors In People

The Investors in People Standard is a business improvement tool designed to advance an organistation's performance through people.

Developed in 1990 by a partnership of leading businesses and national organistaion's, the Standard helps organisations to improve performance and realise objectives through the management and development of their people. Since it was developed, the Standard has been reviewed every five years to ensure that it remains relevant, accessible and attractive to all. The most recent review was completed in November 2004.

ACORN is the world's largest independent manufacturer and supplier of straight stairlifts, with sales in 68 countries and offices on three continents. See our list of locations here.

Their sales recruitment division has recently been reformulated and has introduced a comprehensive programme of investment in its most valuable resource - its people.

With international opportunities across all its departments, including media, human resources, export, engineering and IT, the firm is continually expanding and investing in its workforce.

There is a strong focus on retention and progression, wher employees are encouraged to work upwards.

Employing over 1000 people worldwide, ACORN is proud to design, manufacture and sell its own superior DC powered stairlift. Their team of sales personnel are responsible for selling tens of thousands of stairlifts and ACORN likes to reward them with one of the best employment packages.

As part of their accreditation to the Investor in People scheme, new employees complete a thorough induction and training programme, allowing them to build on their existing skills and improve their personal profiles. Their healthcare and pension provisions promise a commitment to the wellbeing of their people.

The Conservation Area of Steeton makes a pleasant contrast to inner-city working. With excellent transport links to Leeds, Bradford and Skipton, the location also offers free parking to all employees and a greenfield site, ideal for relaxing on the lawns during lunch breaks. Should the weather not be obliging, there is a well-appointed cafeteria with free Internet access and a breakfast/lunch sandwich bar, offering employees plenty of on-site facilities to avoid the need to go further afield.

Many employees find that, due to their particular expertise, they are invited to work abroad temporarily on business transfers. With other offices in San Diego, California and Sydney, Australia to mention a few, they never have any trouble finding volunteers for these occasional foreign trips.

Some employees have found the move abroad more permanent. Liz Cockcroft began in the accounts department and is now General Manager of the head office in Orlando, Florida. Doug Jack, an early recruit to ACORN, has seen the company's global reach grow exponentially and has now found himself General Manager of the Australian wing.

The Internet

ACORN not only has a large presence around the world, it also has a large presence on the World Wide Web. ACORN has a number of websites catering for nearly every language and country in our reach. The scale of our Internet touch can be seen at www.acornstairlifts.com.

With more and more people using the Internet each day to find out information on products and services ACORN felt the need to establish a market leading web presence enabling it to succeed at all levels.

The company's extensive charity work also gives its employees the opportunity to have fun both in work and outside of work, enhancing team buildng and benefiting local good causes at the same time.

Such people are what make ACORN the international success that it is, and people are what they seek to invest in.

For more information about opportunities at this dynamic local company, contact The Recruitment Team, ACORN Stairlifts, on 0800 073 9844, or email recruitment@acornstairlifts.com.